Conspiracy Theory – FT#11

Conspiracy Theory – FT#11

Show Notes

Conspiracy theorists often create unfalsifiable arguments, using a combination of goalpost moving, arguments from ignorance and circular logic.

The examples used in this episode will be coming soon.

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DNA is not a logical fallacy:


And finally, some things we really didn’t have time to talk about:



  • After a week of helping to cover up a journalist’s murder in order to preserve an arms deal, Donald Trump praised the combat technique of journalist-body-slamming-Republican Congressman Greg Gianforte.  Trump isn’t actively calling for violence against reporters, but he’s also not not doing that.  All I’m saying is you can see why the Saudis would assume he’d be cool with them torturing and murdering a Washington Post reporter.


  • And Trump keeps changing his story about how many jobs he’s protecting by refusing to condemn the Saudi government.  Whatever the real number is, he’s also ignoring the fact that Saudi officials insist 50% of the spending – and 50% of the jobs, will be in Saudi Arabia. So it’ll only cost an arm and a leg instead of er… two arms and… two legs – hmm too soon?
  • Seemingly out of desperation, Trump is also completely inventing ‘unknown middle easterners’ in the Central American migrant caravan currently heading for the US, fabricating imaginary riots in California over sanctuary cities, and totally making up a new tax cut for the middle class which he says is happening in the next couple of weeks, despite Congress not being in session. Honestly, we’re about a week away from him promising everyone a pony if they vote Republican in the midterms.  
  • And speaking of ponies, Trump called Stormy Daniels ‘horseface’ on Twitter this week and seemed super proud of coming up with such a brilliant insult.  In fact, according to the Daily Beast he ‘workshopped’ the nickname with friends and staffers before deciding to ignore the senior aides who told him to let it go, and tweet it out anyway.  Because what kind of pussy doesn’t rage-tweet a playground insult at the porn-star they paid off?  Losers.
  • Melania Trump claimed in an interview with ABC to be one of the most bullied people in the world. *COUGH*Christine Blasey Ford*COUGH* But to be fair, she knew what a bully Donald was when she married him.. Also last week, Melania said she wished people would pay more attention to what she does instead of what she wears.  The fact that she said this while cos-playing as Belloq from Raiders of the Lost Ark did NOT help.
  • Artificial sun-worshipping idiot stares directly at the real solar eclipse – using just his eyes – declaring “I have a natural instinct for science”. And cos he’s the president he therefore literally Trumps 97% of all professional, skilled, experienced, well-read, researched and objectively peer-reviewed actual scientists and their view that climate change is man-made. Like he said to Lesley Stahl on 60 minutes as justification of everything “I’m the president and you’re not” – is it seemly for a grown man to still be saying nyer nyer nyer nyer nyer?
  • A Southwest Airlines passenger has been arrested for repeatedly groping another passenger’s breast during the flight.  In his defence, the President has said that grabbing women by the private parts is OK.  That’s not a joke. The man literally said that in his defence. We are living in the darkest timeline.
  • Speaking of which: this headline from Rolling Stone – A Deceased Brothel Owner Is Still Likely to Win a Nevada Midterm – Dennis Hof’s candidacy does not automatically end despite the fact that he is no longer living. Nye County Commission Chairman John Koenig agrees. “I think the Republicans in this town will still vote for him because they want a Republican in the chair. But I wouldn’t bet money either way.”



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