Genetic Fallacy – FT#1

Genetic Fallacy – FT#1


Show notes

The Genetic Fallacy doesn’t have anything to do with genes. Rather, it relates to the ‘genesis’, or origin, of an argument. When someone commits the Genetic Fallacy they are basing their decision about whether a claim is true or false on who is making the claim, or where it originated.


The examples used in this episode are coming soon.


Links to the stories we talked about:

Leaking is not a logical fallacy –

And the things we don’t have time to talk about:

  • Jared and Ivanka partying at the new US Embassy in Jerusalem while Israeli soldiers killed 62 Palestinian protesters in Gaza and injured thousands more.
  • Trump demanding an investigation into the investigation into his campaign
  • Michael Cohen accepting millions of dollars from organisations looking for ‘insight’ into the Trump administration.
  • Revelations that Don Jr attended another secret meeting before the election, this time with representatives of Israel, Saudi Arabia and the UAE who were offering to help Trump win the election.
  • Trump pestering the Postmaster General to double the postal rates charged to Amazon, presumably just to piss off Jeff Bezos.
  • Trump pulling out of the summit with Kim Jong Un after North Korea called Mike Pence stupid.
  • Trump picking daytime TV pseudoscience peddling quack Dr Oz to serve on the Presidential council for sports, fitness and nutrition.
  • Yet another school shooting, which Republicans have blamed on abortions, Ritalin, schools having too many doors, and teachers not guessing the shooter would do this despite the fact he wore a trenchcoat to school sometimes.  It’s not guns, though. Definitely not guns.


Jim Cliff

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